Text Files About Islam

My First Year as a Muslim, Ten Years Later: The Failure of Muslim-American Leadership New, lengthy and sure to be controversial. My first serious prose in years.

My Conversion Story put up here because people, well Muslims anyway, like it.
Sort of Why I went from Christianity to Islam.
Problems I have with some Islamic practice.
My First Year as a Muslim I also had problems with some practices.

For non-Muslims: Islam is not what you think it is.
Islam's holism. Nice for non-Muslims.
A Proposal for an interfaith gathering affirming monotheism.
A Short Talk for an interfaith gathering celebrating diversity.
An Outline that I use for an eight hour intro to Islam.
Handout for an hour talk on Islamic spirituality. Included a graphic of the Field Model.
Islam and Culture.

A Protest letter regarding some bigotry. The book was recalled.
A Collection of Letters some printed, some not.
Book Review of "Christian & Islamic Spirituality" by Maria Jaoudi. Well intentioned, but deeply flawed.
Ibn Warraq! The author of "Why I Am Not a Muslim" gets ripped apart in this short paper I wrote for another's site.
Giesler and Saleeb! The authors of "Answering Islam" take it on the chin in this scathing critique and response from (alledgedly) Saleeb himself! This is a usenet series misportrayed as a "debate".

Domestic Violence among Muslims.

Handouts from Da'wah Talk excerpts from some books and info about Americans. Includes check list for before you go shooting your mouth off!
The Training Guide for Islamic Workers
A Suggested Organizational Structure and the importance of bylaws.
An Annual Plan for you to build upon.
Committee and Project Suggestions
Suggested Newsletter guidelines.
Test your knowledge of Islam.
Qur'an Only? Some people today reject the example of Muhammad as a basis for the Islamic traditions. Here is why I disagree.

Muslim Rock 'n Roll!



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